What is “Phanphest?”

Phanphest is a dream, of one Phan, to level the playing field for musicians and show attendees alike…striving to keep it real on ticket pricing, and to create a “musical connectivity” for fans and musicians, Drew Wajnert, founder and president, started Phanphest as a backyard camp-out party for like-minded friends, from the true Jersey Shore music scene to friends found through the power of the Internet.

Phanphest was conceived as a concept, and hatched in October of 2002, as that first backyard party, and has grown into a full fledged music festival that’s morphed around the tri-state area, specialty themed shows with regional and national acts, and several concert series from weekly ones at storied venues to occasional select shows throughout the state of New Jersey.

“Phanphest 1.0” and “Phanphest 1.5” were held in Wanamassa, NJ, in October 2002 and May 2003, “Phan Phest 2.0” and “Phan Phest 2.5” were held in Manchester, NJ, in October 2003 and May 2004. “Phan Phest 3.0” was held in Mariaville, NY, in August 2007, “Phan Phest 4” and “Phan Phest 5” were at Kempton, PA in 2008 and 2009, and “Phan Fare: Ushering in the Season” and “Phan Fare 2011: Ushering in the Season” were held in Morrisville, PA, in 2010 and 2011.

Phanphest has produced shows at, and/or co-produced shows with, the legendary Stone Pony, The Saint, The Wonder Bar, Red Fusion, Club Deep, and Chico’s House of Jazz in Asbury Park, NJ.  Other venues around the state that Phanphest has produced shows at are The Dockside in Sea Bright, Donegal Saloon and The Gin Mill in Kearny, Paul’s Tavern and McCann’s Tavern in Lake Como (South Belmar), and the Spring Lake Manor in Spring Lake Heights.

Drew is keeping the dream alive by booking the very best music he can find on local, regional, national, international, and intergalactic scales…and the future holds many, many more shows!


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