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Phanphest April Shows

I’ve been promising a new and improved website, with content changing frequently, so you can easily find out about our upcoming shows, view pictures or video from past shows, and hopefully gain more knowledge about everything Phanphest.  This is an ongoing process, so pictures and video will be added over time, but one thing we’ve been lacking for a while is a complete Phanphest calendar online, so here it is…THIS is YOUR resource for our upcoming shows…surely, this will be a much easier process for somebody as computer illiterate as I am (when it comes to coding websites), so this will suffice for now.  It certainly will serve it’s purpose.

We have more exciting shows coming up during May at our new haunt, Chico’s House of Jazz, in Asbury Park, NJ. Please support Phanphest’s effort for “musical connectivity” by supporting some of these great shows in Asbury Park during the month of May!  I sincerely hope that you do check out this fantastic room, and fall in love with it, as much as everybody who has come out so far…everybody keeps commenting on how it’s such a great venue when they leave at the end of the night, so I know that you’ll dig it, too!

As a way of giving back, we have a great free show on Wednesday, May 9th at McCann’s Tavern, in Lake Como, NJ…why? Because we care about the music getting into the ears of people who care about live music, and if we can produce a free show every once and a while that may turn you onto an act you didn’t know about or already appreciate, then really, everybody wins…so do yourself a favor and grab a meal at McCann’s when you come down for the show…the food’s great and the drinks are reasonable, and we made it so you don’t have to pay a cover to hear some great music, taboot!

I hope to see you out this month at one of our shows!

Wishing you all the best.


Drew Wajnert

Check out our Upcoming Shows page for all current information on upcoming shows produced by Phanphest Enterprises…you care about live music, so we care to only book the best for you to hear.