Upcoming Shows

MAY 2012
Saturday 5/5:
Location: Asbury Park, NJ
Venue: Chico’s House of Jazz, 631 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ
     “Howl at the Moon” Party featuring:
     featuring members of Monster Magnet, Riotgod, and Lords of Mercy
     All harder classic rock all night long…by professional touring musicians. You wanna rock? Well, do ya? You will get rocked…if you like anything like Led Zeppelin or AC/DC classic tunes, then you will LOVE this 2 set performance by one of the East Cost’s favorite cover bands…just don’t call ’em a cover band, because the musicianship will be oozing off the stage as Psychodaisy rocks the house that jazz built! OoooooowWWooooOOO!!
$5.00…21+…9 PM
$10.00…18-20…9 PM
Wednesday 5/9:
Location: Lake Como, NJ
     and Special Guests Hunter & Wolfe
     Central Jersey’s favorite sons, Cotton, play host to friends Hunter & Wolfe as they debut at one of Lake Como, NJ’s favorite bars for cheap drinks and great food…come and eat, and then stay for the tunes, courtesy of Phanphest Enterprises and McCann’s Tavern…21 and up only, please!
FREE…21 & up…9 PM
Friday 5/11:
Location: Asbury Park, NJ
     “Hippy Fiasco Rides Again” Record Release Party &
     Mash McLain Send-Off Show featuring…
     “Late Night” Special Guests Saska
     Featured Act Nathan Moore
     and Mash McLain
     We welcome the acclaimed singer songwriter, Nathan Moore (The Amusement, Surprise Me Mr. Davis), a favorite of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene to his Asbury Park debut, all the while with him, as he and his band of merry-makers uStream their tour and subsequent hijinks 24/7…this current tour is ongoing and where the end is will truly be anybody’s guess, as Nathan is directed where to go by his fans watching and interacting online and by those willing to “host a fiasco.”  It has been said that Nathan needs to be recognized as a songwriter as much as greats like Bob Dylan and John Prine…surely a musician pushing technological barriers that you do not want to miss!  This show is also a celebration of local musician Mash McLain as she embarks on her own 4 month national tour and performs with a full band! Saksa closes the night with their own blend of jazz, prog, rock and funk. Be sure to tune into Nathan Moore’s “Hippy Fiasco Rides Again” 24/7 stream online at www.hippyfiasco.com before you hear him live at the show! You may catch a puppet show, an acoustic “by request” performance, or another fiasco!
$7.00…21+up…8 PM
$12.00…18+up…8 PM
Thursday 5/17:
Location: Asbury Park, NJ
     Steal Your Face
     2 Full Sets of Grateful Dead music!
$5…21+up…8 PM
$10…18-20…8 PM
JUNE 2012
Saturday 6/2:
Location: Asbury Park, NJ
     Doug Mikula
     Jason Adamo
     Keith Kenny
     Colton Kayser
     Sometimes, a promoter gets a truly awesome group of musiciansto really showcase their talents for the world to see and hear, and this makes them nothing but thrilled beyond their wildest dreams…this is one of those nights for me.  I have been impressed for years by the local guys and can’t wait to hear Jason Adamo from North Carolina…you’ll be impressed, too.  I know that you will. If you like technical guitar, passionate music, and all around great guys doing what they know best, then this is the show for you…it’s going to be nothing but incredible!
21+up…$5.00…8 PM
18-20…$10.00…8 PM
Saturday 6/16:
Location: Asbury Park, NJ
     Lower the Veil
     with Special Guests
$10…21+up…9 PM
$15…18-20…9 PM
JULY 2012
More shows to be added! Don’t panic! Great music ahead!
Bands interested in booking should e-mail Drew at:

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